Strata Cleaning Service

Strata cleaning services cover all established spaces shared by commercial occupation. The cleaning up of tech parks or industrial spaces, where two or more businesses function. The spaces with multiple retail outlets, hallways, lawn areas, gyms, entrances, elevators, and recreational spaces like swimming pools or parks are taken under strata cleaning services. Our strata service team is expertise in specialized and professionalized performance. Our team assures you of long-term cleaning impacts. Our strata cleaning services cover sweeping, surface dusting, mopping of hard surfaces, buffing of hard floors, car park cleaning, door and window cleaning, disinfecting kitchen, outdoor area sanitization, swimming pool maintenance, lawn area restoration, sanitization and disinfection of restrooms, elevator and walkway maintenance, steam cleaning of carpets, etc.,

We ensure our cleaning services provide you with lasting impacts for about a certain period. Our strata cleaning team ensure the best technologies that are evolving and modern. They make sure that their conduct never acquires any damage to the properties. Our strata team ensures that their services are accountable and they never leave any surface untouched. Our team is made of experienced and professional individuals. Our strata team make sure the use of cleaning technologies or disinfectants is no harm to human beings and the environment.

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